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A member of the SNHL family need our help…

Many of you will know Jamie Drysdale – long-time goalie in the Sunday Night Hockey League. This year you may have noticed Jamie has taken on the role of Timekeeper for our league.

Jamie’s daughter Emily needs our help. Emily was diagnosed with subglottic stenosis – a rare disease with an unknown cause. Tissue builds up in her airway, causing it to close in on itself. The best way to describe it, is trying to breathe through a coffee stir stick, while plugging your nose. Surgery is a temporary fix and only last a few months before her airway begins to close in again. She has had 9 airway surgeries in the past 3 years. The surgery only opens her airway to about 60-70% and it starts slowly closing up again about 2-3 months post-surgery. This makes it difficult for Emily to do the things many of us take for granted every day, like walking up a flight of stairs. Continue reading “A member of the SNHL family need our help…”