2017-18 Team Rosters

1: Fire
Alex White
Brad Wigner
Brian Dunn
David DiMeo
Eamon Harper
James Kennedy
Jeff Grimshaw
Jon Gingerich
Mark Andreoli
Mike Andreoli
Shane Ainsley (C)
Silvio Muraca
Tim Vokey
Craig Piotto (G)

2: Wings
Chuck Hughes
Daniel Hamlett
Derek Cleary
Derek Marciano
Eric Webster
Larry Richardson
Mike Blackwood
Mike De Francesco (C)
Mike Weeda
Rob Thibeault
Sandro Mignosa
Shane DeLaronde
Victor Ranieri
Matt Pacella (G)

3: Blades
Bogdan Rapan
Brett Appio
Dan Maggio
Darren Levy
Daryll Simpson (C)
Dave Gardilcic
David Payne
Eli Cohen
Greg Fuller
Kevin Wigner
Mark Bauldry
Scott Drouillard
Shawn Simpson
Rick DiPassio (G)

4: Predators
Austin Brown
Cam Coulter
Colin Fyffe
Darren Jones
Fab Iafano
Howard Cantelon
John Hutchinson
Kevin Christie
Kyle Bagg
Mike Desario
Ryan Smith (C)
Scott Cantelon
Steve Hutchins
Alex Nordheimer (G)

5: Brewers
Bob McHardy
Brandon Scott
Brent Spagnol (C)
Dave Matheson
Jay Beech
Joe Doan
John McNamara
Kevin Bowen
Lee Noseworthy
Mike Ferguson
Mike Swan
Steve Conforti
Steve Nicoloff
Tony Meila (G)

6: Wild
Clark Chung
Craig Shaw (C)
Dale Deleonardis
Dan Shaw
Gary Morris
Giancarlo Tarsitano
James Sheridan
Jason Clark
Randy Isenberg
Sean Mazurkiewicz
Shaun Heron
Steve Whitten
Steven Brown
Grant MacEwen (G)

7: Griffins
Alex Schittenhelm
Brendan Pace
Cory Schittenhelm
Ed Lewis
Jesse Thompson
Kevin Norris
Lee Maunu
Matt Dowdle (C)
Michael Horsley
Mike Brioux
Richard Archer
Ron Toffan
Ryan Wood
Scott Irvine (G)

8: Ice Hogs
Brad Sztorc
Brandon Jones
Eric Cirone
Graham Bryson
Greg Keenan
Jon Hoy
Justin de Abaitua
Kevin Hayashi
Marc de Abaitua (C)
Matt Moss
Sean Doner
Steve Pinarello
Steve Smith
Court Edeburn (G)

2017-18 Registration Now Open!

Registration for the 2017-18 Sunday Night Hockey League season is now open for all returning players.  Save money and register now – Early Bird pricing ends on Friday, August 18th.

The registration email was just sent now – Friday, August 11 at 8:30pm. If it’s not in your inbox, please check your junk/spam folders too.

If you still haven’t received the email, please contact me at steve@sundaynighthockeyleague.ca and I will reply back with the registration link.

Any new players looking to join the league, please fill out the New Player Registration Form here.

Draft Day is Sunday, August 27th, and Puck Drop 2017 is Sunday, September 10th at Inglewood.



Round Robin 7 – 2017

Playoff race goes down to the wire – Final Four set!

Ken’s Lawn Mower Repairs Ltd. Blades 2
Inside Out Family Chiropractic Predators 0

With a hard fought battle the fellas from Ken’s Lawn Mower Repairs Ltd. Blades were able to shut-out the Inside Out Family Chiropractic Predators and earn a berth in the semi-finals, eliminating their foe. Court Edeburn garnered the goose-egg while Dave Gardilcic from Shawn Simpson & Clark Chung, and Daryll Simpson from Mike Blackwood salted away the win.

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Night of Champions – 2017

We Are Creative Inc. and Sports Marketing All Stars are proud to announce that we are back for a 2nd year, as we present another fun night of double-header hockey action for the Caledon community, while we raise money and awareness for cervical cancer!

The 2017 FACEOFF to Fight Cervical Cancer: The Rematch
Saturday, April 8th, 2017 • 7pm • Bolton Arena

Once again, it’s GIRLS vs GUYS as the CWHL‘s Brampton Thunder look to avenge their loss from last year against our Sunday Night Hockey League All Stars, followed by our SNHL Callaghan Cup Championship, and our Year End Celebration. Continue reading “Night of Champions – 2017”

Round Robin 3 – 2017

Wings continue to fly in week 3

St. Louis Bar & Grill Wings 5
Pommies Cider Co. Wild 2
The St. Louis Bar & Grill Wings were flying high on this night over the Pommies Cider Co. Wild and taking 4.5 points. Wings wingmen were Derek Cleary from Daniel Hamlett, Hamlett (unassisted), Cole Sanderson from Darren Levy & Bob McHardy, Victor Ranieri (unassisted), and Hamlett (unassisted). Wild whippers were Darren Jones (unassisted) and Matt Moss from Kevin Bowen.

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Round Robin 2 – 2017

Moose out shine stars in week 2

Mr. Handyman Moose 6
Sports Marketing All Stars 1
The Mr. Handyman Moose were tearing it up on this night as they took it to the Sports Marketing All Stars and took 4.5 points. Net nabbing for the Moose were Jay Beech with a pair, and Chuck Hughes, Alex White, Brandon Scott and Craig Shaw with singles. Assists were from Mike Hamilton, White, Beech and Richard Archer. Stars sniper was Silvio Muraca from Steve Conforti & Steve Whitten.

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Round Robin 1 – 2017

2017 Callaghan Cup Round Robin playoffs kickoff with close games all around

Inside Out Family Chiropractic Predators 5
Glen Eagle Golf Club Griffins 3
In the 1st match of the round robin play theand  Glen Eagle Golf Club Griffins fell prey to the Inside Out Family Chiropractic Predators and gave up 4 of the 5 points in the 5 point system used for playoffs. Goal getters for the Predators were Shaun Heron from Mike Andreoli, Andreoli (unassisted), Andreoli from Austin Brown, Colin Fyffe from Andreoli, and Greg Keenan from Brett Appio. Griffin go getters were David ilijasic from Tim Vokey, Vokey from Joe Doan, and Doan from Cory Schittenhelm.

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