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2018 Callaghan Cup Playoffs: Week 1-4

Week 1: February 11, 2018

Ken’s Lawnmower Repair Blades 2
St. Louis Bar & Grill Wings 2

Game one of the round robin action saw neither team able to best the other, but Ken’s Lawnmower Repair Blades came out with 3 points on the 5 point system over the St. Louis Bar & Grill Wings. Blades bin bulgers were Daryll Simpson (unassisted), and Kevin Wigner from Simpson. Wings whipper was Victor Ranieri with both, helped by Derek Cleary & Larry Richardson. Continue reading “2018 Callaghan Cup Playoffs: Week 1-4”

Week 17: 2017-18

Glen Eagle Golf Club Griffins 4
Caledon Hills Brewing Co. 3

The Glen Eagle Golf Club Griffins were able to skate to the win over the Caledon Hills Brewing Co. Griffin goal getters were Ron Toffan from Matt Dowdle & Cory Schittenhelm, Brendan Pace from Richard Archer & Toffan, Lee Maunu from Dowdle & Toffan, and Kevin Norris from Alex Schittenhelm & Ryan Wood. Brewer’s lamp lighters were Jay Beech from Kevin Bowen & Brent Spagnol, Bob McHardy from Beech & Steve Nicoloff, and Beech (unassisted). Continue reading “Week 17: 2017-18”

Week 16: 2017-18

Mr. Handyman Ice Hogs 3
Ainsley Fire Protection 1

The first game of the new year had the Mr. Handyman Ice Hogs get a narrow margin victory over the Ainsley Fire Protection.  Handyman hammers were dropped by Brad Sztorc from Marc de Abaitua & Greg Keenan, M. de Abaitua from Justin de Abaitua & Eric Cirone, and M. de Abaitua from J. de Abaitua. Fires lone flame was David DiMeo from Brad Wigner. Continue reading “Week 16: 2017-18”

Week 15: 2017-18

This was the week the glass broke, so 2 of our games were cancelled and the other 2 games have been recorded as exhibition games. We will just eliminate this week from our standings. The Town will be issuing the league a refund for the lost games.  Two of the teams have decided to donate their portion of the refund to Jamie’s daughter’s fundraiser – thanks guys!

Week 14: 2017-18

Mr. Handyman Ice Hogs 3
St. Louis Bar & Grill Wings  3
The 1st match saw neither the St. Louis Bar & Grill Wings nor the Mr. Handyman Ice Hogs able to best the other. Handyman heroes were Steve Pinarello from Adam Minatel & Greg Keenan, Minatel (unassisted), and Brad Sztorc from Marc de Abaitua. Wings warriors were Eric Webster from Mike DeFrancesco, Victor Ranieri from Mike Weeda, and Ranieri from Rob Thibeault. Continue reading “Week 14: 2017-18”