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2018 Callaghan Cup Playoffs: Week 1-4

Week 1: February 11, 2018

Ken’s Lawnmower Repair Blades 2
St. Louis Bar & Grill Wings 2

Game one of the round robin action saw neither team able to best the other, but Ken’s Lawnmower Repair Blades came out with 3 points on the 5 point system over the St. Louis Bar & Grill Wings. Blades bin bulgers were Daryll Simpson (unassisted), and Kevin Wigner from Simpson. Wings whipper was Victor Ranieri with both, helped by Derek Cleary & Larry Richardson. Continue reading “2018 Callaghan Cup Playoffs: Week 1-4”

Week 17: 2017-18

Glen Eagle Golf Club Griffins 4
Caledon Hills Brewing Co. 3

The Glen Eagle Golf Club Griffins were able to skate to the win over the Caledon Hills Brewing Co. Griffin goal getters were Ron Toffan from Matt Dowdle & Cory Schittenhelm, Brendan Pace from Richard Archer & Toffan, Lee Maunu from Dowdle & Toffan, and Kevin Norris from Alex Schittenhelm & Ryan Wood. Brewer’s lamp lighters were Jay Beech from Kevin Bowen & Brent Spagnol, Bob McHardy from Beech & Steve Nicoloff, and Beech (unassisted). Continue reading “Week 17: 2017-18”

Week 16: 2017-18

Mr. Handyman Ice Hogs 3
Ainsley Fire Protection 1

The first game of the new year had the Mr. Handyman Ice Hogs get a narrow margin victory over the Ainsley Fire Protection.  Handyman hammers were dropped by Brad Sztorc from Marc de Abaitua & Greg Keenan, M. de Abaitua from Justin de Abaitua & Eric Cirone, and M. de Abaitua from J. de Abaitua. Fires lone flame was David DiMeo from Brad Wigner. Continue reading “Week 16: 2017-18”