Week 1: 2017-18

Heron with the hat-trick – Wild drench brewers

Ainsley Fire Protection 3
St. Louis Bar & Grill Wings 2
In the first game of the new season Ainsley Fire came out on top burning the St. Louis Bar & Grill Wings for the win. Lighting the lamp for the Fire fanatics were Tim Vokey from Brian Dunn & Alex White, Mike Andreoli from James Kennedy, and Mark Andreoli from Dunn & White. Wings flyers were Daniel Hamlett from Derek Cleary, and Sandro Mignosa from Shane DeLaronde.

Ken’s Lawnmower Repair Blades 4
Inside Out Family Chiropractic Predators 0
Rick DiPassio stood tall and turned away all for Ken’s Lawnmower Repair Blades over the Inside Out Family Chiropractic Predators, recording the first shut-out of the SNHL season. Net nabbers for the Blades were Shawn Simpson (unassisted), Daryll Simpson from brother Shawn, Daryll Simpson (unassisted), and David Payne from Shawn Simpson.

Pommies Cider Co. Wild 6
Caledon Hills Brewing Co. 1
In the battle of the adult beverages, cider beat beer as the Pommies Cider Co. Wild drenched the Caledon Hills Brewers to get the win. Shaun Heron had the hot hand for the Wild, scoring the season’s first Hat Trick and adding an assist. Scoring for the Wild were Gary Morris from Steve Whitten & Dan Shaw, Heron from Randy Isenberg & Dale Deleonardis, Heron from Sean Mazurkiewicz & Isenberg, D.Shaw (unassisted), Heron from Isenberg & Mazurkiewicz, and James Sheridan from Whitten & Heron. The Brewers lone bin bulger was Mike Ferguson from Brandon Scott & Steve Nicoloff.

Mr. Handyman Ice Hogs 4
Glen Eagle Golf Club Griffins 1
In the last game of the night the Mr. Handyman Ice Hogs came out dropping the hammer on the Glen Eagle Golf Club Griffins for the win. Twine ticklers for the Ice Hogs were Adam Micelli from Justin de Abaitua, Kevin Hayashi from Matt Moss, Marc de Abaitua from Graham Bryson & Steve Pinarello, and Micelli from Moss & M. de Abaitua.