Week 17: 2017-18

Glen Eagle Golf Club Griffins 4
Caledon Hills Brewing Co. 3

The Glen Eagle Golf Club Griffins were able to skate to the win over the Caledon Hills Brewing Co. Griffin goal getters were Ron Toffan from Matt Dowdle & Cory Schittenhelm, Brendan Pace from Richard Archer & Toffan, Lee Maunu from Dowdle & Toffan, and Kevin Norris from Alex Schittenhelm & Ryan Wood. Brewer’s lamp lighters were Jay Beech from Kevin Bowen & Brent Spagnol, Bob McHardy from Beech & Steve Nicoloff, and Beech (unassisted).Mr. Handyman Ice Hogs 3
Pommies Cider Co. Wild 1

Game 2 saw the Pommies Cider Co. Wild fall short of the mark to the Mr. Handyman Ice Hogs. Handyman headliners were Adam Minatel from Brandon Jones & Matt Moss, Graham Bryson from Justin de Abaitua & Jon Hoy, and Bryson from Hoy & de Abaitua. Wild’s lone marksman was Craig Shaw from Jason Clark & Shaun Heron.

Ken’s Lawnmower Repair Blades 5
Ainsley Fire Protection 3

The third game of the night saw the Ken’s Lawnmower Repair Blades take advantage of the shorter-benched Ainsley Fire Protection Fire. Blades net nabbers were Darren Levy from Daryll Simpson, D. Simpson from Shawn Simpson & Dan Maggio, Levy from Brett Appio & Mark Bauldry, S. Simpson from Scott Drouillard, and Greg Fuller from Appio & Maggio. Fire firers were Brett Reed from Shane Ainsley & James Kennedy, Kennedy from Jeff Grimshaw & Ainsley, and Mike Andreoli from Mark Andreoli & Jon Gingerich.

Inside Out Family Chiropractic Predators 5
St. Louis Bar & Grill Wings 1

The last match of the evening saw the St. Louis Bar & Grill Wings fall prey to the Inside Out Family Chiropractic Predators. Predator punishers were Mike O’Brien from Howard Cantelon, Scott Cantelon from John Hutchinson & Darren Jones, Colin Fyffe from Fab Iafano & Kyle Bagg, Fyffe from Kevin Christie & Bagg, and Christie from Bagg & Fyffe. Wings lamp lighter was Daniel Hamlett from Eric Webster & Derek Cleary.