Week 4: 2017-18

Ken’s Lawnmower Repair Blades​ 6
Pommies Cider Co. Wild​​​ 1

Ken’s Lawnmower Repairs Blades chopped up the Pommies Cider Co. Wild and took the win. Net nabbing for the Blades were Daryll Simpson with 4 goals and Darren Levy & Shawn Simpson with singles, helped by S. Simpson, Dave Gardilcic, and Scott Drouillard. Wild’s lone marksman was Sean Mazurkiewicz (unassisted).

St. Louis Bar & Grill Wings​ 4
Glen Eagle Golf Club Griffins 3
In a tight match the St. Louis Bar & Grill Wings were able to soar over the Glen Eagle Golf Club Griffins and take home the victory. Bin bulgers for the Wings were Mike DeFrancesco from Daniel Hamlett, Victor Ranieri from Chuck Hughes & Mike Blackwood, Hamlett from Sandro Mignosa & Shane DeLaronde, and Ranieri from Blackwood. Griffin goal getters were Ron Toffan from Matt Dowdle, Brendan Pace from Alex Schittenhelm & Kevin Norris, and Schittenhelm from Ryan Wood.

Ainsley Fire Protection ​​3
Caledon Hills Brewing Co. 3
No winners could be garnered from this game as the Ainsley Fire Protection crew and Caledon Hills Brewers drew to a tie. Lighting the lamp for the Brewers were Kevin Bowen from Steve Nicoloff, Jay beech from Bowen, and Dave Matheson from Nicoloff & Beech. Fire firers were Mark Andreoli from Dave DiMeo, James Kennedy from Andreoli, and Shane Ainsley from Eamon Harper.

Inside Out Family Chiropractic Predators 4
Mr. Handyman Ice Hogs​​​ 2

In the last game of the night the Mr. Handyman Ice Hogs came out on the losing end of the inside Out Family Chiropractic Predators sticks. Predators power came from Cam Coulter from Austin Brown, Coulter from Mike Desario & Fab Iafano, Iafano (unassisted), and Steve Hutchins (unassisted). Handyman hammers were dropped by Eric Cirone from Steve Pinarello & Graham Bryson, and Justin de Abaitua from Adam Micelli.