Week 8 – 2016-17

fire roast Wings for first win of the season

Ainsley Fire Protection Fire 8
St. Louis Bar & Grill Wings 3
The Ainsley Fire Protection Fire were blazing on this night as they handed the loss to the St. Louis Bar & Grill Wings. Net nabbers for the Fire were Alex Schittenhelm, Shane Ainsley & Sandro Mignosa with 2 each while David DiMeo & Mark Andreoli added singles. Assists were by Trevor Cation, Schittenhelm, Mignosa, Mike Weeda, Ainsley, Kevin Wigner, Andreoli and Ryan Wood. Wings point getters were Daniel Hamlett from Darren Levy, Hamlett from Levy, and Levy from Hamlett.

Glen Eagle Golf Club Griffins 6
Ken’s Lawn Mower Repairs Ltd. Blades    4
The Glen Eagle Golf Club Griffins were able to dull the Ken’s Lawn Mower Repairs Ltd. Blades and get the win. Goal getters for the Griffins were Tim Vokey with the hat-trick, David Ilijasic with 2 and Andrew Kirk with the single. Helpers were from Brent Spagnol, Scott Cantelon, Dan Maggio, Vokey, Dave Matheson & Jody Spagnol. Blades bin bulgers were Cam Coulter from Dave Gardilcic, Mark Bauldry from Darryl Simpson, Greg Fuller from Simpson, and Simpson from Shawn Simpson.

Pommies Cider Co. Wild 3
Sports Marketing All Stars 3
in a see-saw battle neither team could best the other on this night with the Sports Marketing All Stars and the Pommies Cider Co. Wild skating to t tie. Wild lamp lighters were Dale Deleonardis from Brad Sztorc, Marc de Abaitua (unassisted), and Jesse Thompson from Graham Bryson. Stars snipers were Steve Whitten (unassisted), Kevin Christie from Steve Smith, and Matt Dowdle from Ron Toffan.

Inside Out Family Chiropractic Predators  3
Mr. Handyman Moose   2
The last game saw the Inside Out Family Chiropractic Predators hand the Mr. Handyman Moose their 2nd straight loss of the year. Predator punchers were John Hutchinson from Austin Brown, hutchinson from Ryan Smith, and Brown from Brett Appio. Moose mashers were Jay Beech from Richard Archer, and Brandon Scott from Mike Desario & Brian Dunn.